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"MMO-Rank" Caught in BIG Corruption: VIDEO HERE!

ToG | TopofGames Failures

It is time we end the $Corruption$ of ToG/TopofGames.

  • Old 2003-style Captcha with NO anti-votebot security.
  • Admin gets lazy and occasionally Resets Votes the wrong days (not automatic).
  • Broken banners, works 20% of the time and MAX size 80kb.
  • Never updated website with no features.
  • Insane pay $300/m to currupt site owner if you want to have Top #0 rank above #1...
  • #1 Ranked server 15,000,000 votes has 21 players. LOL!

ToS | TopofServers Features

  • Updated "reCaptcha" human verification for Anti-votebot protection.
  • Votes automatically reset at end of month; no wrong days.
  • Upload LARGER file size banner Ads (supporting large .gif animations up to 1,000KB).
  • Site is responsive and mobile-phone friendly.
  • Added google metadata to grab top Google "KalOnline Private Server" search results.
  • Easy-to-remember website name.
  • SHA512 (x2066 stronger than MD5 and has never been broken) encrypted server database protection.


ToS | Server Profile Pages

  • Servers have beautiful & organized profile page with all server details.
  • 2048-character long server description.
  • Embed server trailer with simple youtube link.
  • Statistics REALTIME chart of players coming and going from server.
  • Server Owner Blog for posting updates to you server.
  • Comments (server owner can disable) for users to give feedback or comment on server.
  • User profiles so you know who is voting, and who owns what server(s) and leaving comments.


Why I decided to open TopofServers?

For years, I have been emailing the owner of TopofGames to fix his banner uploader - No Response.
For years, I have been emailing him to fix his Captcha voting - No Response.
I even offered him money to fix his own website... No Response.
Owner is from Brazil, has no idea how to manage a website, living off of the site for free as we generate him money; worst possible web admin any website could ever have.


  • We decide if we want a new vote site.
  • We decide if we no longer want to pay for shit corrupted votes.
  • Register, add your server, put Vote link on your website, let your players know to vote.


TopofServers was started January 20th, 2018.
Lets end the corruption and show real servers!
No more paying fake votes.



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